2b's 'Virtuous Treaty' Floating Prop

  A Gear Mod by Vee

Version: 2.b

Contributor Information:

Mc Dancey Pants Extreme for the weapon model. Thanks to Titan Firm for his valued input. This mod is something of a request fulfilled and I dedicate it to a friend who helped make the first version and so many other requests happen, Myopicat.

Author's Comments:

A remake of a previous mod. The sword will float a fixed distance behind the player but will pivot and turn with the player's head movement. The Virtuous Treaty sword is a dummy weapon that replaces the chosen accessory model and has been given the appearance of being held by NFCS holographic rings as seen in Nier Automata.

The floating weapon requires that the rest of your outfit not hide the accessory being used to display the mod.
The mod is intended for tall characters so Lalafel positioning is different and hilarious.

The rings have been redrawn in more detail and the textures converted to allow better coloring through the colorset than the original version allowed. Choose one of the options from the download folder to install and double check that translucency is enabled for the texture if they are almost invisible.

Please DM me if you wish to use part or all of the mod to make another. Paid private mods will never be permitted. Releases on XMA only.

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DOWNLOAD FLOATING SWORD HERE: : [ via drive.google.com ]

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Fri Jun 21 2019 17:33:44 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

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Empyrean accessories, Namazu Bell

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