Resonant Eyes

  A Gear Mod by Certified Garlemeeb

Version: 1.0

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Peep into the fabric of time and space with these bright red Resonant Eyes! Straight outta the Resonatorium in Ala Mhigo, these lenses will give you the edge you need in combat against even the fiercest of foes! Prolonged usage may result in migraines, phantom sensations, loyalty to Garlemald and insanity. Use with care.
Usage: Put on the item Wolf Amber Earrings and make sure you haven't got a headpiece on that hides it (like a helm or something). Also, it only works on Male Midlander Hyurs, but if you find it working on anyone else, please let me know! The right eye works on Highlander males, but the left glitches out. It do be like that sometimes.
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Wolf Amber Earrings

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