A Gear Mod by yumirei

Version: 1.0

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Wlop their amazing artwork and original design Titanfirm for MEDbody/feet/hands ♡ THANK YOU BIZU AND MOLLY for porting over Miqo and Viera's headdress ♡

Comments / Description:

⛔ DO NOT use any part of this for ANY paid commission
⛔ PM ME If you are porting over the helm to another race I would like it to be posted publicly for the others if you do:D

• From Wlopwanglings original character Princess Aeolian I was really inspired to make her outfit into a mod.
This was mostly made from scratch using 3dsmax/zBrush/Marvelous Design/ with some repainted FF textures
• Includes Viera Feet option / Claws of the beast for the hands
• You make shape the helm to your prefered hairstyles

-added Bizu's Miqo options with and without veil, adjusted for the ears / fit to a relatively big hair (144, yshtolas)
-added Bizu fix for Miqo 3D only

⚠ The helm/mask is model on only AuRa and a certain hairstyle from Ruta I am not sure if the hair is posted anywhere.
⚠ Viera's foot is not properly uvwwrap hopefully some ONE can make a HQ Viera feet for your buns out there.
⚠ The weights of the skirt aren't going to be perfect in some animation because I am not perfect:D
Thank you and Enjoy Shadowbringers!


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Affects / Replaces :
Thavnairian set, False nail/Claws of the Beast

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