Revealing Summer Evening Trunks (NBP / hrBody)

  A NSFW Gear Mod by pedromvilar

Version: 2.2

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Tsar's NBP and hrBody

Comments / Description:

Revealing version of the Summer Evening Trunks and Striped Summer Trunks. For the Midlander and Miqo'te bases, Tsar's NBP v1.1 is used, in all shapes and sizes. For the Roegadyn base, Tsar's hrBody is used. You can find a version for Roegadyn and Hrothgar using the Anatomically Correct hrPenis at

v2.2: Fixed some clipping and broken problems with the trunk meshes in the hrBody version.
v2.1: Added cut version for the hrBody.
v2.0: Added hrBody version.
v1.1.1: Fixed some leg holes and strap clipping problems in the Miqo'te version.
v1.1: Added Miqo'te base version.


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