Reverse Bunny Suit+

Version: 1.0

  A NSFW Gear Mod by orcpronouns

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Bibo people

Author's Comments:

NOTE: All models in preview shots are scaled using the scaler of the model. This mod will only grant the default size of the specified mod.

I got sick of there being no reverse bunnysuit for Bibo so I made one. And by made one I mean cobbled together a shitload of mods into one.

I've done my best to limit weight and scaling weirdness but I wouldn't be surprised if more intense scalers and poses cause clipping or breakage.

This mod requires having the IVCS skeleton and IVCS versions of Bibo Large and Bimbo installed as the tights have the butt bones added to them to match IVCS scaling and whatnot. As such, the tights may clip with non-IVCS Bibo+ Large and Bimbo+ legs. KT+ and Megathicc do not require any IVCS mods.

The tights and shoes are also placed on a foot item that replaces the legs below the knees. This is so they can be used with any regular or trans version of Bibo Large, Bimbo legs, or Megathicc.

The maebari for nyl's hotdog/bimbo bratwurst is fitted to the unscaled balls. I've transferred the ball weights so that it can scale/move with it, but jank is likely.

Affected Items & Compatible Sizes:

Bunny Crown/Bunny Chief Crown - removes crown
Chief Bunny Bustier - Top/gloves and collar (Bimbo Large, Bibo+ XXL, Uranus, Uranus XXL, Jupiter, Jupiter Milf)
Chief Bunny Pumps - Tights and shoes (Bibo+ Large (incl. trans), Bimbo+ (incl. trans), Megathicc)
Emperor's New Earrings - Bunny tail buttplug (Bibo+ Large (incl. trans), Bimbo+ (incl. trans), Megathicc)
Emperor's New Necklace - Heart pasties (Bimbo Large, Bibo+ XXL, Uranus, Uranus XXL, Jupiter, Jupiter Milf)
Emperor's New Ring (Right or Left) - Heart maebari (Bibo+ Large Bimbo+, Megathicc)
-Has alternate version for hotdog/bratwurst


The following mods were used to make this outfit. Everything is made from modified components of these mods.

Sopherra - Plain Bunny Crowns (
prayer - Hops (, Pinot Noir (
Luminares - Cutesy Bunny (
Mimi - Egoist (
saorsie - uranus upscales of the prayer and Mimi mods
Koneko - Pleasure Collection: Bunny tail plug (

And yknow it's Bibo+, IVCS, and a shitload of sizes so Illy, Tsar, raykie, saorsie, red, kaiten, etc etc blah blah blah we know the drill

If you'd like to show me love via money for the silly things I do, I have a ko-fi for any tips or donations and whatnot. I also accept lesbian se-

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Link : [ via ]

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Last Version Update :
Mon Jan 23 2023 22:24:31 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)
Original Release Date :
Mon Jan 23 2023 22:17:13 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

Affects / Replaces :
Bunny Crown, Bunny Chief Crown, Bunny Chief Bustier, Bunny Chief Pumps

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