The Anatomically Correct hrPenis

  A NSFW Body Replacement Mod by pedromvilar

Version: 2.5

Contributor Comments:

Tsar's hrBody, Casaria for the balls/sheath, and Package ( for the shaft

Comments / Description:

This is a mod added on top of the hrBody to make Roes have the hrBody cock and Hroths have a barbed cock. It includes an erect version, a soft/partially sheathed version, and a soft/fully sheathed version, for both the Small Clothes Legs (for PCs and NPCs) and the Emperor's Breeches.

Install the textures plus three of the other mod files depending on what you want. You can also pick alternative textures at

⚠ You must have the hrBody installed for this to work correctly.

v2.5: Added NPC SmallClothes.
v2.4: Fixed bug which caused all Hrothgar in-game to always have the tiger fur pattern; fur patterns should work normally, now. You need to reinstall the Textures.ttmp2 pack for this change to take effect.
v2.3: Added fully sheathed version.
v2.2.2: Added a text file to this mod's zip explaining how to create new revealing mods with it.
v2.2.1: Fixed some vertex weights to prevent some seams and holes from appearing in certain areas.
v2.2: Updated texture files so that the shaft textures don't change depending on skin/fur colour, and so that the appropriate level of glossiness is maintained.
v2.1: Updated vertex weights for better jiggling and no holes.
v2.0.2: Updated vertex weights so that the shaft and the balls don't act like separate entities anymore. High-activity animations may cause weird jiggling of the balls, though.
v2.0.1: Made it so that high-activity animations no longer cause holes to appear on the cock.
v2.0: Changed the way the shaft textures work so that they use regular body textures rather than gear textures. This makes it much easier to create revealing gear mods for it. When updating to this version, make sure to first remove the previous version's textures.
v1.2: Added cut version of the rBody dick. If you prefer the uncut version, there's no need to download this update.
v1.1: Fixed a bug that prevented the shaft from showing up in the Emperor's New Breeches. Reinstall the texture mod and whichever Emperor's New Breeches mod you chose to fix it.


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