Guillotine Thighboots - Expeditioner's

  A Gear Mod by Mara

Version: 1.5

Contributor Comments:

N'ananère for the edit, Titan Firm for the original mod.

Comments / Description:

Port the guillotine thighboots to expeditionners, and edit the 3D for Lalafell & Roe for not breaking it. Attention, now, it's not dyeable.

Thanks to the new TT2 preview, the item is no longer broken on long body.

Also added a version for only TT2 preview with the adding texture. Don't use it if you haven't the patch !!
It just adjust the colorset for the other race.


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8/10/2019 @ 1:09:22 AM
Last Edited :
9/3/2019 @ 9:10:14 PM
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Affects / Replaces :
Expeditioner's Thighboots

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