Oriental Sleeves for Scaleless Raen

  A NSFW Skin Mod by Sage

Version: 1.0

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Credit to Sapphire for her scaleless aura, Titan Firm for the body base and Shinny for answering my questions through the processes. Images from google.

Comments / Description:

First time releasing one of my private mods. Slight seem on the inside (sorry I suck at seems) but barely noticeable unless you're looking for it. Made this for my scaleless Raen as the upper scales on the arms cover the tigers face, DM me on discord if you want the scales anyways. Feel free to tag me if you use them, I'd love to see them on you!
(Underboob tattoo NOT included)
**FIXED download link

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Do not use any of my mods for any paid or private commissions or requests
You may change it as you please for private personal use. Do Not share any edited versions of any of my work
If there is something you want Changed or to be Combine with any other mods I will be more than happy to do so for you


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8/31/2019 @ 7:54:15 AM
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Au Ra
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