A Gear Mod by yumirei

Version: 1.0

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USING TNF Med dress pushup/ large legsgen2

Comments / Description:

My version of archeage's HomecomingBall Dress
handpainted/baked meshes to fit FFXIV
-You may edit/colorset/ your liking for personal use. If you upscale or downscale let me know to add it to this post.
-DO NOT redistribute or upload anywhere!
-DO not use any part of this for your commish
-Includes different colorsets
I'm not perfect nor will I ever be.
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Originally Posted :
8/31/2019 @ 8:39:01 AM
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8/31/2019 @ 8:40:57 AM
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Affects / Replaces :
Eastern Matriarch's Dress, Eastern Matriarch's Boots, Peachblossom, Summer morning Tanga

Genders :