A Gear Mod by zana

Version: 1.1

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Titan Firm - gen2 body, help and guidance
Jammer - low-cut skirt

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Too long ago I made a promise that I would release this. I wanted to finish it proper with full compatibility for all races, but things happen, my beloved main job is dead, raid groups fall apart, and motivation is lost.

So now here it is at long last: My complete retexture of some Summoner armour in full meme-worthy 4k resolution. Note that only the Caller's Himation is really unisex, as the Evoker's Waistclout is missing some edits to the male meshes that I had planned.

1.1 update: Added Jammer's low-cut version of Evoker's Waistclout.


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9/8/2019 @ 1:23:16 AM
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9/8/2019 @ 10:16:21 AM
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Contributors :
Titan Firm

Affects / Replaces :
Caller's Himation, Evoker's Waistclout

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