A NSFW Skin Mod by Spiswel

Version: 0.1

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Natyusha's clean maps, TitanFirm's TnF2 maps, Lillytsuka🍁 for references and modelling the preview shots.

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A combo set of facepaint + body tattoo, both hand-painted! They're meant to be worn together, featuring finely wrought, delicate arcane markings on the stomach, arms, legs and neck.
Note: the facepaint is compatible with all races/genders, but not the tattoo. It replaces Facepaint 13, the row of dots.

This was originally a request from Lillytsuka🍁 which was made into a public release. Comes in both Natyusha Maps version or in Tight & Firm 2.0 Maps version.
If you want the facepaint alone but not the body tattoo, make sure to untick the "Midlander Diffuse" and "Highlander Diffuse" boxes when importing the Modpack!!


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