Kakegurui Hyakkaou Private Academy Girls Uniform (Yumeko Jabami type)

  A Gear Mod by Passing-by Rider

Version: 1.1

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Titan Firm, natyusha, Sel and Nevina for base model sizing, Mc Dancey Pants Extreme for base skirt.

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My attempt at making the school uniform Yumeko Jabami wears from the Manga/Anime/Dorama Kakegurui -Compulsive Gambler-(https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kakegurui_–_Compulsive_Gambler). These are just the body top and legs, didn't bother with the shoes. Feel free to adjust/improve/scale/port to a different piece at your discretion.

✔️ Body glam in four sizes: Tight & Firm 2.0 Medium (TF2M), Tight & Firm 2.0 Large/Hentai (TF2L), Curvier Bodies 3 Large (CB3L), and NV Thicc (NVThicc). Goes over the Best Man's Jacket
✔️ Legs glam in four sizes: Tight & Firm 2.0 Medium (TF2M), Tight & Firm 2.0 Large (TF2L), Bubble Bottoms WVR (BBWVR), and NV Thicc (NVThicc). Goes over the Crescent Moon Bottoms.
✔️ Legs has a n option to remove skirt, install after installing your selected skirt size

⚠ Arms will have glove collision, and if you encounter mesh collision, please use Disable Extra Data.
⚠ For legs, Translucency must be set to ON.
⚠ Hip clearance for the jacket are different for each version. Each top will clear for its matching bottom size (CB3-L will clear for BB-WVR).

Feel free to edit/port it how you like, just credit me. Do not upload to any other public site or place. Thanks again to everyone that likes my mods!


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9/24/2018 @ 12:12:55 AM
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Affects / Replaces :
Best Man's Jacket, Crescent Moon Bottoms

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