Force Users Tunic

  A Gear Mod by Vantalan

Version: 1.1

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Sundown for ripping the model and textures, EA for those ripped models and textures.

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Greetings once again Masters and Padawans! To go with the recent release of lightsabers, and just in time for the great star wars day, here we have a sleeveless force users tunic! Testing was only really done on Male and Female AuRa, and male Hyur Midlander so I can only be sure it works effectively on those but any that share those models will be affected.

Lalas, Male Highlander, Male Roe still have the vanilla Lucian Prince Jacket due to them having separate 3d models, but they should not be broken.

The default color is grey and brown while the tunic is fully dyable with in game dye! The weights are not perfect so please excuse some clipping, especially in some extreme poses.

1.1 - Fixed attributes

May the Force be with you! Textools 2.x required


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Tue Dec 17 2019 20:22:42 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)
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Lucian Princes Jacket

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Midlander, Au Ra
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