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Name: "Corset Rubber Suit" • Ver.: "0.9"
Author: User Link
Tags: "rubber, latex, suit, corset, best, man, mans, jacket"
Contributors: " "Titan Firm for the Corset and Mystis for the Rubber Suit"
Races: "Female Hyur, Female Roegadyn, Female Miqo'te, Female Aura, Female Elezen"
Comments: "This i had done quite sometime ago now, i just wanted to have a corset over the rubber suit and as i was still learning how to use 3DS-Max and messing with textures i got it working. I asked quite some time ago if i can share this, now i do for all, have fun! The Corset can be colored and the part around the neck has been made transparent. It comes with a quick and simple fix so the male mesh has no holes in it."
Affected Item: "Best Man's Jacket"
Download: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1P4KvAw9CMK1jIgylWgBTEbejFs_DxU6b