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Modding is a difficult process sometimes. Here at the Archive, we try to make things at least a little bit easier.


Liinko's tool that started it all. The Official website includes app download, guides for first time users and modders, and more.

Mod Post Formatter

Our convenient post formatter. Just fill in the form for an easy copy-paste into your discord release channels.

TexTools Reference Document

A reference document with all kinds of technical information for mod makers on the nuances of modding FFXIV via TexTools.

TexTools Discord

The Official TexTools Discord server; technical support, mod releases, and mod community features.

Crystalline Means Discord

The Crystalinne Means Discord server, home of the Concept Matrix/Screenshot Tool.


The GPOSERS Discord server, home of the popular GShade addon.

The following is an automated list of posts from the TexTools Discord's #tools_releases channel, which features many useful guides and tools for modders and users.

Korati on 11/2/2019 @ 5:46:07 PM

3ds Max Script Toolkit v2.1a

A 3ds Max script to simplify some repetitive tasks FFXIV modders regularly have to do.

Liinko for the CombineSkin script
Cattomic for the IFWN script

How to use:
1. Download the 7zip from the link below and extract all of its contents to your 3ds Max scripts folder. (Default is C:/Program Files/Autodesk/3ds Max/scripts)
2. Open 3ds Max and at the top of your screen click Scripting and then Run Script...
3. Here you should see the script you just downloaded. Double click or select and press Open to run the script.
4. Please read the ReadMe if you require any further instructions.

Running the script through a simple button:
1. Click Scripting and then Open Script...
2. Double click or select and press Open to open the script in the MAXScript Editor.
3. Select all the code (Ctrl + A) and drag the text onto the main toolbar where you would like the button.

v2.1a: Supports loading animations to meshes imported with the OpenCOLLADA importer again. Settings.ini to customize the UI can be found in the Resources folder.

Download v2.1a:

If you find any bugs or have any questions regarding the script feel free to DM.

esrin on 9/1/2019 @ 7:38:32 AM




TexToolsPreviewPatch contains future features of textools (these features have been officially licensed - including release licenses)
This release contains the following:

Increased functionality:
1.Multiple sets of maps (mtrl) can be added to the prop model, new buttons can be added to the material interface: more options - "add new maps group, new maps can be configured to the model in advanced import(Up to 4 including skin)
2.Provides the ability to edit existing wizard-based MOD packages and add new buttons to the UI of the Mod package wizard.
3.Add Mod Convert to the mods menu to modify the Affects/Replaces of the Mod package.

Functional optimization:
1.Advanced import UI. Material list is obtained from the original model, instead of the current model.
2.Improve the default option settings in the MOD package creation UI.

bug fix:
1.Correcting some models, such as hat and hair, to derive DAE errors
2. Correct Advanced Import Add Delete Material Error Reporting
3."Modpack wizard" material error
4. Advanced Import, Part Attributes Configuration Chaos
5.Advanced import, Part Attribute configuration exception
6.mod package creation wizard, can not add the same preview
7.mod package creation wizard, can not add the same name option group after deleting the option group
8.Fixed various dae import errors, greatly increasing dae compatibility

Copy all files and folders to overwrite TexTools
This patch only applies to 2.0.7
This patch will be integrated into the next official TexTools management version.


SifridExtan on 5/19/2019 @ 9:03:03 AM

# TexTools Colourset Editor Version 2.3

## 2.3
- Fixed an off-by-one error when using the colour picker.
- Removed dependency on TexTool's config file. Now on first run, you will be asked for a working directory.

Download link:
Older Changelogs:

goat on 4/20/2019 @ 10:59:55 AM

XIVLauncher version 1.4:

New stuff:
Addon system: Built-in Rich Presence, ability to launch other things like ACT when starting the game
Dark mode, enables when theme is set to dark in Windows 10 color settings

Various fixes for crashes

mel on 3/3/2019 @ 11:39:49 PM

Big Book of Guides

A continuous work in progress document where I try to collect the guides, tools, and wisdom posted in the server; if you find something useful that isn't obviously found, feel free to DM me with a link of the information.

Trist on 2/17/2019 @ 8:09:55 PM

PAP Converter V1.0 finally released.
How to use:
1) Extract your model's skeleton .hkx file and place it in the input folder.
2) Rename the skeleton to "skeleton.hkx"
3) Extract the raw .pap files for any animation you plan to convert. Place these files in the input folder. The names of these files do not matter.
4) (optional) if you would like a .DAE model pre processed with a correct skeleton, extract the monster's model .DAE using textools, and place it into the input folder. Rename this .DAE to "model.DAE"
6) Run "Pap Converter.exe"

goat on 1/11/2019 @ 3:30:37 PM

Espresso Lalafell on 1/3/2019 @ 2:24:32 AM

Espresso Glow V10 A Reshade Installer / Backup / Uninstaller for Final Fantasy XIV

- What is this program?
This program was created to help those who have trouble installing Reshade manually. It is a program where you enter the location of your FFXIV game and a folder for screenshots and it will install Reshade along with 11 presets designed by User Link .

- Preview
See attached file.

What can this program do?
- Install Gshade 1.3.0 (Reshade with Espresso Glow Presets
- Backup current Reshade installation
- Restore backed up Reshade installation
- Uninstall Reshade

- What if I have another Reshade installed (ex. Stormshade, Angelite, Reshade 3.X.X)?
This program will allow you to optionally backup that installation when you install this one. You can also install in Compatibility Mode, which will provide the necessary Shaders and Textures required for EG to work, without removing your current installation. Please note that compatibility mode will only work with Reshade 4.X.X or higher.

- Requirements
This program must be run as an Administrator, as it writes files and deletes files in order to accommodate installation. You will encounter an error if it is not run as an Admin.

Download File

How do I use this?
Extract the folder to your desktop and run Espresso Glow V10.exe as an Admin. Then follow the instructions. Do not extract this to your game folder. It must be in it's own folder to function properly.

mel on 12/20/2018 @ 8:40:15 AM

Colorset Swatches - Normal Map & Alpha
Photoshop Only
Window -> Swatches -> Upper Right Drop Down -> Load Swatches

Included are the following:
- Colorset values for rows 1~16
- True Opaque for your Normal Map
- True Transparent for your Normal Map
- 50% grey for setting a baseline in your color channels

goat on 11/29/2018 @ 6:42:56 PM

Updated my Discord Rich Presence mod for 4.45:

Shows current zone, world, class/job, level and character name + FC.
Keep in mind though that there is a chance you could get in trouble for using this, due to your character name being displayed.