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  In TexTools Official Discord -> #sfw_female_releases [Discord Web-App Link]
  This post is associated with the mod [Megu] Soft & Smokey Midlander makeup.

Name: Megu - Soft & Smokey Midlander makeup • Ver.: 1.0
Author: User Link
Affects: Female Midlander
Races: Midlander
Genders: Female
Tags: eyeliner,makeup,mid,middie, face
Contributors: User Link for her softlander textures & User Link for the 2k Facelift
Comments: Texure adds a small cat eye eyeliner, smokey brown eyeshadow, white inner corner highlight aswell as shiny pink lips! Works on all skin tones with no top eyelashes to work with User Link 's eyelashes.

feel free to message me if you have any requests or ideas for which race to do next and ill see what i can do :3
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