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Name: Royal Arms + Engine Blade Pack Ver.: 1.02
Author: User Link
Ripped From: Final Fantasy XV
Tags: Weapons - Paladin - Warrior - Dark Knight - Samurai - White Mage - Red Mage - Dragoon - Lance - Spear - Sword - Axe - Mace - Shield - FFXV
Races: Hyur - Elezen - Roegadyn - Lalafell - Au Ra - Miqo'te
Replaces: Garuda's Gaze - Garuda's Beak - Garuda's Blood - Garuda's Tail - Garuda's Honor - Garuda's Pain - Garuda's Pain - Garuda's Scream - Gigas Shield - Halicarnassus Sword - Blood Sword
Comments: In the FFXIV event in FFXV you fight Garuda (FFXIV's Garuda). Its appropriate that the Royal Arms be on the Garuda's weapons. Sword of the Father (with Star of the Rogue as the focus) for RDM, Sword of the Tall for DRK, Axe of the Conqueror for WAR, Mace of the Fierce for WHM, Trident of the Oracle for DRG, Katana of the Warrior on SAM, and Sword of the Wise for PLD. The Shield of the Just is on Gigas Shield and Engine Blade (not a Royal Arm but it's Noctis's signature weapon, had to add it) on Blood Sword/Halicarnassus' Sword. Not Garuda's weapons for the final 2 but Pali only has one sword and no shield and since the car is bought with MGP it was appropriate. All have custom icons as well and the wind effect was replaced with a blue particle effect (like from XV). Oh yeah, enjoy the FFXIV and FFXV crossover event! Both of them if you can!
Update: .01 - Improved Engine Blade colouring - .02 - Fixed Axe
Download Link: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1rDqr0w2o6_yyA3fkWqgOLOX5irkzAm7Q
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