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  This post is associated with the mod [T&F] Casual Halters Medium Conversion .

Name: [T&F] Casual Halters Medium Conversion • Ver.: 1.0
▫️ Author: User Link
▫️ Affects: Dalmascan Draped Top, Moonfire Halter
▫️ Races: midlander highlander miqote au_ra elezen roegadyn viera
▫️ Genders: Female
▫️ Tags: boobs power,camise,casual,crop top,gen2 body,gothic,halter,loose,medium,midriff,tf2 body,underboob, gear
▫️ Contributors: User Link for the original mod =)
User Link for the BBWVR rig
▫️ Comments: Medium conversion of the Casual Halters by TitanFirm. Mod consists of only the 3D models, so please download and install the original first 🙂
As always -> if u find a problem - let me know =)
Also, i shaped the one on the moonfire halter manually, so i hope it actually looks okay lol

P.S.: If ...
▫️ Preview Image: https://cdn.xivmodarchive.com/mod-images/2863c892-4bc6-4fa2-8259-019a1de799f6.jpg
▫️ Mod Page: https://www.xivmodarchive.com/modid/12865