Mermaid Hair

  A Hair Mod by Miste

Version: 1.0

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This hair goes together with my other Mermaid dresses and has a nice sea star ribbon ornament with it! It is optional and is placed on Ash Mask. The hair can be used with or without the accessory.

Uses a shared hairstyle! Install ALL files. Do not uncheck anything unless you know what you are doing!
Was not made with any head equip in mind so expect a lot of clipping with head equipment. Some might look okay, but a lot will be broken likely! Feel free to experiment though!
Does not work very well with Highlights! I apologize!

⛔ Do not reupload, redistribute, or host these files anywhere else without my permission
⛔ Do not use my work in any paid commission without asking me first.
⛔ If you are planning to edit my files please inform me via Discord or Twitter DM/PM.

Twitter: @misteffxiv
Discord: Miste#5370

I am super easy going so don't be afraid to message me and simply inform me of your plans to edit these files etc. I will likely say okay to your edits.


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Originally Posted :
10/26/2018 @ 8:30:14 PM
Last Edited :
5/27/2019 @ 4:27:15 AM
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Affects / Replaces :
Hair 105 for all female races and Ash Mask for the sea star accessory

Genders :