Thavnarian Dancer

  A Gear Mod by Miste

Version: 1.2

Contributor Comments:

Titan Firm for T&F Body & Moonlight Blade for original set and Sel for figuring out the skin seam issue!

Comments / Description:

Channel your inner Dancer! DANCER HYPE!
✅ : Dyeable! (Earrings need Colourset Edit if you want to change them though)
✅ Gold or Silver Accessory/Accents options!
⚠ Uses T&F medium body! If you experience butt clipping with bigger butts try equipping a vanilla/medium leg gear. Other body types might cause issues.
⚠ The veil does not work for all hairstyles! It is impossible to make it look good while also catering to all types! Includes an extra Alternate Veil fitted for my Thavnarian Beauty and/or Mermaid Hair though!

⛔ Do not reupload, redistribute, or host these files anywhere else without my permission
⛔ Do not use my work in any paid commission without asking me first.
⛔ If you are planning to edit my files please inform me via Discord or Twitter DM/PM.
⛔ NSFW edits (anything that shows nudity) of my work are not allowed unless you ask me first and I agree to your purposed edits.

Twitter: @misteffxiv
Discord: Miste#5370

I am super easy going so don't be afraid to message me and simply inform me of your plans to edit these files etc. I will likely say okay to your edits, the only thing I may decline is NSFW things.

-Fixed small clipping in Female Highlander bodice
-Fixed typos in README
-Fixed Skin Seam issue


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Originally Posted :
11/25/2018 @ 9:15:58 PM
Last Edited :
5/27/2019 @ 4:25:44 AM
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Contributors :
Titan Firm

Affects / Replaces :
Faerie Tale Princess's Tiara, Thavnairian Bolero, Housemaid's Wristdresses, Faerie Tale Princess's H

Genders :