New Gen - B&W Scales -Bibo/Gen3

Version: 2.2.4

  A Skin Mod by KonekoMods

Contributor Information:

titanfirm For the Titan firm Gen 3
Nyaughty For Eve
bizu Tsar Illy Does Things for Bibo+
spiswel Face cut outs
neonesque For being my 4am brain

Author's Comments:

Quite a few have asked me for my scales. These work for all Gen 2 skins, Gen 3, and Bibo+. They come with a working matching tail diffuse, and face. Everything comes with cut outs to allow for easy install onto existing bodies. Comes with option for black sclera for every face as while.

*Now comes with full installers for Bibo+, Gen 3, and Eve.

These are NOT to be used for any commissions, tips, or to be used to make any kind of money. This is my gift back to the community after everything that has happened to myself and others. If needing help to combine with old skins or how to install hit up either my discord, or the textools discord. These are not to be used for server only mods without given permission, and credit when posting. These are not a resource!!!

*Note if you have used a scaleless, or other scale mod please note this is may note work quite right due this being made for vanilla layout.

These are not to be combined with other body scale mods until given permission

Any problems, please feel free report to on here, or message me. (I'm sorry if something is missing feel free dm me, there is a lot of textures in this so something may be missing.)

Find a video guide how to combine the skins for use with make ups and tattoos.

My discord

*Make up seen on Aura is private and not include

*Cutouts are right now only my discord.
#konekostyle on twitter

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Google Drive : [ via ]

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Last Version Update :
Mon Jun 12 2023 02:19:00 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)
Original Release Date :
Thu Jul 01 2021 08:02:37 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

Affects / Replaces :
Aura Scales

Races :
Au Ra
Genders :

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