DOA - Red Peacock Yukata

  A Gear Mod by N'ananère

Version: 1.2

Contributor Comments:

Titan Firm for the base body and the multi rig. Dead or Alive for the base model. Shuubaru for the 3D models.

Comments / Description:

Port from Dead or Alive 5. Comes in 4 different colorsets. Details in the reference pic. Diffuse for the base yukata (red, blue and black), mask for the patterned yukata (firefly, bluefly, pinkfly).

Top body is using T&F medium as a base, with some modifications using the multi-rig, legs are T&F large.

DM me first if you plan on converting it, don't forget to credit the original owners and do not re-upload.

Disclaimer : I don't allow any kind of NSFW edit for this mod. I'd like people to respect that. Thank you.

Yukata and clogs only. The panties are not included, check the Red Peacock Lingerie mod for them.

It's more screenshot material than an actual gameplay mod. The texture stretches a lot, it will clip with a lot of things as well. Gloves and skirt are fine though.

► Version 1.1 : The diffuse version (red, blue and black) now properly work for miqo'te as well. Please note that the miqo'te body isn't perfected yet.

► Version 1.2 : Added a bra-less option. No nipples or lewd geometry showing, so still SFW, i guess.


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Tue Feb 26 2019 20:12:23 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)
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Sat Jul 20 2019 07:47:55 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

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Affects / Replaces :
Lady's Yukata (Red, Blue, Black, Firefly, Bluefly, Pinkfly), Lady's Clogs

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