Serah Farron's Battledress

  A Gear Mod by Elodie

Version: 1.2

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Thanks to @Titan Firm for the body, Bizu for her excellent guides, and StellarCircle, Jammer, Myopicat, N'ananère, and Mc Dancey Pants Extreme. Thank you all so, so much for all of your advice and testing help!

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Serah Farron's Battledress ported from FFXIII-2 (Mog not included). For the 1.2 update, I’ve completely redone everything (many, many times) as a learned a lot of technique. It’s still imperfect, but it’s much nicer and everything was mostly done the right way. If you are looking for the non-class locked one, you’ll find it at It’s been updated too, but it still shares textures and models with everything in existence because it’s hard to find compatible gear. It’s probably best if you ask for it to be ported to a specific class or set.


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Fri Mar 15 2019 19:04:22 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)
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Affects / Replaces :
Bard's Shirt, Tights, Sandals and Ringbands

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