Tight&Firm Gen2 Body (NSFW)

  A NSFW Body Replacement Mod by Titan Firm

Version: 2.3.1

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Echo, Sel and NaughtyWeaver for all your pioneering work on the original NWVR body. natyusha for Bubble Bottoms mesh and CleanMaps, Acronid for original Hentai Chest, both of which are integral starting points for this mod. mel for Au Ra scale normals, Vee, ruta for Ruta Scales compatibility. Also big TY to mod testers for invaluable feedback and special thanks to æsc.

Comments / Description:


v2.3.1 WHAT'S NEW: Now with full Viera support. New Viera normal map based off a blend of Highlander and Midlander, maintaining the strong "woodland warrior" aesthetic while lessening the default Highlander's muscle bulk to accentuate Viera's slender frame. New knees and shins have a narrower more feminine tapered appearance. New feet have been reshaped to match more naturally with the newer slim tapered body lines. New 'Tight&Sparkly' optional HD shimmery skin detail texture (can use simultaneously with Tight&Firm or Tight&Soft).

Permissions: Use of any T&F assets is no longer allowed for Private Commissions. Read full announcement here: https://amethystdcvr.tumblr.com/permissions

The Tight&Firm Gen2 body style is designed after the classic California pinup girl "Barbie doll" figure, with an emphasis on tight toned physique.

This body mod is an all-in-one set with no dependencies. It includes: Small, Medium (default), Vanilla, and Large sizes for chest and legs, brand new feet and hands, and custom HD textures for all supported races, including compatibility textures for Scaleless Au Ra and Ruta's Scales (base pattern). Also included resources for mod creators.



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Tue Sep 25 2018 06:59:49 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)
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Character Body, Body Textures, SmallClothes, Emperor's Gear

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