Apex Ivory

  A Gear Mod by Miste

Version: 1.0

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Titan Firm for T&F body
Thank you to Mikey for the commission and support! πŸ’—

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βœ… Dyeable~!
βœ… Body type: T&F Medium
βœ… Alternate Shirts for Casual use
⚠ Hood only works for Au Ra, Miqo'te, and Hyur females

The Tumblr post OR the README has the full listing of what everything replaces~

I model fitted the hood around Lightning Hair (Hair 101), so it looks best using that hair. Moooost of the short hairstyles also look okay using the hood. It’s impossible to make the hood account for a lot of hairstyles! Long hair will clip the hood really badly.

β›” Do not reupload, redistribute, or host these files anywhere else without my permission
β›” Do not use my work in any paid commission without asking me first.
β›” If you are planning to edit my files please inform me via Discord or Twitter DM/PM.
β›” NSFW edits (anything that shows nudity) of my work are not allowed unless you ask me first and I agree to your purposed edits.

Twitter: @misteffxiv
Discord: Miste#5370

I am super easy going so don't be afraid to message me and simply inform me of your plans to edit these files etc. I will likely say okay to your edits, the only thing I may decline is NSFW things.


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4/10/2019 @ 1:03:26 AM
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5/27/2019 @ 4:12:21 AM
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Affects / Replaces :
Scion Adventurer's stuff, Werewolf Head, Bunny Loops & more

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gear, port, vindictus

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