Kasumi Casual Outfit

  A Gear Mod by Solona

Version: 1.0

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Thanks much to Zareef on DeviantArt for the rip and TitanFirm for the skin.

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This DOA port has so many cute pieces to mix and match. I've included the dress, jacket, boots and panties. The dress is big enough to fit most bottoms, and I left room in the jacket in case you want to put it over another top. You'll find pictures with close ups on the mod page.

Feel free to take the parts and use them however you like. The dress is TF Large, mostly because that's how it came. I'll add links to other sizes if there is demand or if anyone resizes them for me.

The detailed print on the dress prevents me from putting this on anything without a diffuse texture, and there aren't a lot of great options left that are available and not class locked. I'm using it on the Caller's Himation myself. I've added a few ports in the links below. If anyone has specific pieces they know would work, post to sfw_requests. Or, learn to port items! It's fun and easy and mostly just a few file copies: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1JyR0EW2hB1HSMGwby5-5XAaT4UVW26EtGCf16qRc2qA/edit

You can dm me if something is badly broken or if you have cute screenshots!


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Fri May 03 2019 10:27:14 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)
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Affects / Replaces :
Eastern Socialite's Cheongsam, Survival Boots, Striped Summer Tangak

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