Bikini Galerus

  A Gear Mod by Dratiant

Version: 1.1

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natyusha for the bikini mod.

Comments / Description:

Another mash up using natyusha bikini mod, mashing it together with pieces from the Light Steel Galerus and the Pagos Shirt. It is dye-able.

Do what you want, just give credit to the proper people. Please don't use my stuff for any commissions.

☠If there is an issue with any of my mods, kindly send me a DM on Discord with a screenshot of the issue and I will fix it as soon as possible.

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Change Log:
Fixed the colorset so the bikini no longer has a white boarder around the dye-able area of the bikini.


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8/7/2019 @ 3:35:04 AM
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10/1/2019 @ 6:10:46 AM
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Affects / Replaces :
Southern Seas Swimsuit

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