Very Important Lady — Lalafell Makeup

  A Face Mod by pizza milfcatte

Version: 1.0

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Credits: Square Enix for base textures

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"Very Important Lady" Makeup — For female Lalafell face 4 & 104

After deciding to Fantasia my main and take a Lalafell Holiday, or a Laladay if you will, I realized that my favorite lala face needed some TLC. I endeavored to improve and customize the original textures to give this face a look befitting a smol n' sassy potato mom.

This modpack will replace the diffuse, normal and specular for Lalafell females, faces 4 and 104. Textures have been upscaled with some elements tidied up by hand. I tried my best to make the eye makeup as simple as I could. Tested and looks nice with all eye and mouth shapes. You will look lovely with or without lipstick, eye shadow or face paint options!


Permissions: Feel free to use this mod as a base for other makeup edits/mods!
For publicly released links, no need to ask permission— just credit me with a link back to my mod in yours.
For private mods or edits (no public link), that's yours to do what you want with.
For paid mods or edits, please DM me first.

Choose from these options:
Seeker Miqo'te clan marks (or no marks!)
Dark ruby lips (best if you prefer red or black)
Lighter pink lips (responds to lipstick colors better)

Send me a DM if you encounter any problems!

I know how annoying it is to install a makeup mod, only to realize it's not for you after you've gone through the trouble. I've provided a bunch of screenshots in the download that should hopefully give a good idea of how it looks with some various options.


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8/10/2019 @ 2:43:20 AM
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Affects / Replaces :
face 4, face 104

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