Unisex Customizeable Blindfold for All Races

  A Gear Mod by Brigid

Version: 1.2

Contributor Comments:

Dratiant and Yuki for help troubleshooting 3DS Max exports

Comments / Description:

v1.2 update: Edited the all-race (non-Hrothgar) mesh to properly overlap the left and right blindfolds without SE's native clipping. Updated the preview image to reflect changes and more properly illustrate all-race compatibility.

v1.1 update: Added Hrothgar compatibility and replaced several brown colorsets with more colorful choices.

I took the NPC blindfold found in the infirmary in Rhalgr's Reach, and with some trial and error, ported it to the ARR non-metal ring series. Includes custom meshes for Hrothgar compatiblity - you're welcome. Clips with hair, just like the Head Bandage that comes at MSQ level 70. It's actually quite loosely-fit; this is SE's mesh, after all.

Equip the left ring to cover your left eye, the right ring covers your right eye, and equipping both rings covers both eyes. You can even mix and match, kind of.

Total mod size: 3 megabytes.

52 Rings affected:

Dodore Ring
Toadskin Ring
Gryphonskin Ring

Pure White:
Raptorskin Ring

Red (Custom colorset):
Ruby Tide Ring of *
Aetherial Red Coral Ring
Red Coral Ring

Purple (Custom colorset):
Astral Birch Ring
Handmaster's Ring
Augmented Handmaster's Ring
Black Willow Ring of Crafting

Blue (Custom colorset):
Direwolf Ring of Fending
Aetherial Horn Ring
Hoplite Ring
Nomad's Ring of *
Horn Ring
Ring of Fidelity
Stonewall Ring

Dark Gray (Custom colorset):
Boarskin Ring
Direwolf Ring of Slaying
Direwolf Ring of Aiming
Goatskin Ring

Imperial Jade Ring of *
Bogatyr's Ring of Aiming/Casting/Healing
Picaroon's Ring of Slaying
Varlet's Ring

Bone White:
Dated Bone Ring
Evenstar Ring
Evenstar Ring
Bone Ring
Ring of Fortitude
Coral Ring
Aetherial Coral Ring
Daystar Ring
Weathered Evenstar Ring
Weathered Daystar Ring

Wood (various shades of light brown):
Holy Cedar Ring
Hallowed Chestnut Ring


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Affects / Replaces :
ARR Bone/Coral/Horn/Skin/Wood rings

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