Emet-Selch's Portrait

  A Furniture Mod by Gabster

Version: 1.0

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Square Enix for the 3D model

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If I could have changed one thing, it would be the outcome of our encounter...
So I have had this one on the wall for some time and it makes me so happy every time I go into the house to keep neglecting my retainers.

What I have done: Screenshoted a picture of Emet-Selch, photoshopped it like crazy, filtered, changed the lighting and put it in a frame, put some nice flowers and lit a candle under him from time to time.

I'm making more of these, however right now I'm a bit out of best boys, maybe I will make one with Ameryic or Hien... stay tuned.


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Sultana and Flame General Portrait

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